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Pittsburgh Bike Trails

Pro Bikes is providing Pittsburgh riders with a comprehensive description and map of the best bike trails and parks to ride in Western PA. Whether you prefer mountain biking, biking on paved trails, biking on dirt trails, or simply want a nice cruise, Pittsburgh has the trail for you. These trails offer something for riders of different skill levels. Take a look at our trail list and see which trail best fits your biking preference.


Eliza Furnace Trail
Eliza Furnace Trail: Located around downtown Pittsburgh, the Eliza Furnace Trail is perfect for beginner bikers or anyone who wants to fit in some exercise on their lunch break. The trail is about 4 miles and follows the Monongahela River. Click map to enlarge.

Frick Park
Frick Park: Frick Park is perfect for bikers of all skill levels. The smooth trails are great for beginners or anyone looking to take the family on a relaxing cruise. For the expert rider there are steep, single track trails through the dense woods of Frick. Click map to enlarge.

Schenley Park
Schenley Park: This scenic park is located in the heart of Oakland. Schenley Park has a number of trails for riders to explore. The trails are generally rolling hills, perfect for bike riders of all backgrounds. Click map to enlarge.

Panther Hallow Trail
Panther Hollow Trail: The Hollow trail is a 1.5 mile asphalt trail next to Oakland. It is an easy ride that offers a good workout due to the steep climbs. If you are looking for a longer ride Panther Hollow trail connects to the Eliza Furnace Trail using a narrow trail near Greenfield. Click map to enlarge.

Boyce Park
Boyce Park: If you need a challenge, try out the mountain bike trails at Boyce Park. The single-track trails are perfect for the advanced rider because the trails can get a little rough and muddy. Click map to enlarge.


Millvale Riverfront Park
Millvale Riverfront Park:The Riverfront trail is 1.7 miles in length, along the Allegheny River. It begins in Millvale and takes you past several Pittsburgh landmarks, such as Three Rivers Heritage Trail, Heinz Field, and PNC Park on the North Shore. Click map to enlarge.

North Shore Trail
North Shore Trail: This trail is part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. The North Shore trail begins near the now abandoned Western Penitentiary and connects with the Millvale Riverfront Park. It is an easy ride along pavement, good for a nice afternoon exercise. Click map to enlarge.

Duck Hollow Trail
Duck Hollow Trail: Duck Hollow is a nice paved path, located on the north shore of the Monongahela River and stretches for 1.34 miles. It is a flat easy ride for those who want to add a little activity in their day. Click map to enlarge.

Riverview Park
Riverview Park: This trail is a 2 mile paved loop around Riverview Park. The Riverview trail is an easy ride through wooded landscape, with plenty of turns and changes to keep you active. Click map to enlarge.

North Park
North Park: North Park has fun for everyone. The 15 miles of trails provide a natural, single-track surface with a scenic view. For advanced riders the steep climbs and fast descending hills present a fun and challenging ride. If you are looking for something more relaxing, there is also gently sloping terrain. Click map to enlarge.

Hartwood Acres
Hartwood Acres: Hartwood Acres has a maze of trails to keep you occupied. It offers something for riders of all skill levels, but caters towards the more advanced skill set. The logs, rock gardens, and steep hills will keep mountain bikers coming back for more! Click map to enlarge.


Steel Valley Trail
Steel Valley Trail: This network of bike trails totaling 19 miles is ideal for bikers of all abilities. The trail covers Homestead, West Homestead, Rankin, McKeesport, Swissvale, Munhall, Whitaker, West Mifflin, Duquesne, Glassport, and Clarion. Click map to enlarge.

South Side Trail
South Side Trail: The South Side trail is a flat 2.5-mile bike ride along the Monongahela River. Although it is located within the city limits, a portion of the trail between 9th street and 18th provides a beautiful tunnel of green for a change of scenery. It also has various access points along the trail. Click map to enlarge.

South Park
South Park: South Park offers a variety of tree-lined trails, with rolling terrain for all riders. These single lane trails provide fast technical runs for more advanced riders and up and down scenic routes for lower level riders. Click map to enlarge.

Mingo Creek
Mingo Creek: For the rider looking to explore a number of different trails, Mingo Creek is your place. The 10 plus miles of up and down, single lane trails are great for all riders. These trails present fun and ever changing terrain such as hard packed ground, technical runs and stream crossings. Perfect for Mountain Bikers! Click map to enlarge.

Montour Trail
Montour Trail: This trail takes you on a long 47-mile journey through reclaimed rural strip mines on crushed limestone. The Montour Trail Council is constantly updating and changing the completed portion of the trail to keep it fresh and fun. It is recommended for riders of all skill levels. Click map to enlarge.


Settlers Cabin
Settlers Cabin: This set of trails takes you on a 20-mile excursion through rural woods. Settlers Cabin starts off flat for the first few miles and then becomes hilly. It offers something for all riders. Click map to enlarge.

Bavington: A beautiful 27-mile ride of tight turns on single lane tracks. The trails follow along flat tops and ridgelines that provide a great scenic view. Bavington presents terrain for all riders, but offers more for the advanced skill set. Click map to enlarge.


Ohiopyle State Park
Ohiopyle State Park: At Ohiopyle State Park there are trails of every experience level, so you are sure to find a trail no matter how well you ride. This park is great for mountain biking and trail biking. Click map to enlarge.

Seven Springs
Seven Springs: Seven Springs will provide fun for all. The resort offers a variety of downhill and cross-country trails. The downhill trails are chair lift accessible and conveniently marked according to difficulty. No matter what trail you choose they all offer an incredible scenic view. Click map to enlarge.

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